What would Naval do?

Naval recently made an appearance on the Save Planet Get Rich podcast. Around the 42 minute mark, the host, Samantha, asks Naval a very intriguing question; she asks him about his gameplan under a hypothetical scenario where he's 28 years old and he's dropped into an english speaking country where he doesn't know anybody, and doesn't own any assets. She asks him how he would make use of his time, and what his long-term plan would look like.

Here's a paraphrased version of Naval's answer:

First, I would find the place where I would want to physically be in that country. Where do the most dynamic, interesting, intelligent, forward thinking, creative people live? And, I would go to that.

Then, I would find which industry/industries do these people work in?

Once I'm in that industry/place, I would figure out the unique skill sets that I can offer, ones that don't feel like work to me. That is, find the kind of work that I can do all day long effortlessly. Next, I would identity the people who need help with that work/skill set, who also have a reputation of being honorable and open minded.

Next, I would approach these people with an offer they can't refuse. It could be something like — I'm offering to work for you for one month for bare sustenance, and I will treat your business or your endeavour as if I were you. In other words, you'll have a co-founder for free. And, at the end of that one month, if you aren't blown away by my work, or don't find my skillsets useful, I would automatically be fired at the end of that time period.